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  1. Hey Dateranoth is it normal that every restart the script starts validating all game files again this takes a bit of time and it always worked fine for me just updating it without validating it now i tried removing the validate line from the au3 script but it seems that that didnt help solve the problems since its still revalidating everytime Gr ConanBoneMan
  2. i guess the most simple and straight forward would be to give a notification to choose to start with a fresh server download or use already downloaded server files path think it would be harder to make it look for the file since alot of people might set custom folder/drive paths for their server but im not to sure about it
  3. No problem all good glad we got the reason for the problem thats how ya get things improved and thank you for the reply's and taking your time helping and creating this awesome script.
  4. i see the script steamcmd line contains +force_install_dir im not sure if that might have to do with it when i run an update for my server i personally just login anonymous and then do +app_update and that works fine for me since steamcmd automaticly makes steamapps folder but with your script it makes a new steamapps folder in my conan exiles dedicated server folder wich ofc already is in a steamapps folder in it self o.O. letting it download and install worked too either way but might be something you wanna take a look at.
  5. weird even tho i change it it still starts downloading it tried multiple folders and it still starts downloading the full server again after checking this time it even overwritten the server files that where already created
  6. its deff going to download what exact folder in Common\ConanExiles\ do i need to link it to?
  7. i tried using this utility but after setting it up and running the program, in steamcmd it starts allocating memory to download the server while the server is already downloaded, instead of checking for updates, and i am pretty sure i linked the ini to the right path.
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