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  1. im getting false flags from McAfee claiming this is a trojan.
  2. any chance to get the update check time configurable? id like to change my check tome yo 30 min.
  3. This program comes with a universal config file. Sounds like you don't set the install path of your existing server in that config file.
  4. when i start up the server with this my client gets a black screen when i try joining the server (client and server are not on the same machine). any ideas on what might be causing this becouse the server works normally without this program. [Use MULTIHOME to Bind IP? Disable if having connection issues (yes/no)] BindIP=no [Game Server IP] ListenIP= [Game Server Port] GamePort=27015 [Admin Password] AdminPass=pasword [Max Players] MaxPlayers=20 [Server Directory. NO TRAILING SLASH] serverdir=C:\conanserver [Use SteamCMD To Update Server? yes/no] UseSteamCMD=yes [SteamCMD Directory
  5. Does this check for updates when it restarts, if not will you be adding an auto updating feature?
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