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  1. While Assassins-in-Training maybe mourning the lack of achievements/trophies in the Battle of Forli DLC (out Jan. 28), the trailer highlights some of the story potential that the Memory Segment 12 offers. And while this might not be "Episodes of Renaissance" like GTAIV's DLC, the potential for such expansive DLC is there. Via Kotaku Click here to view the article
  2. One of Dead Rising 2's new features is the ability to create and customize new weapons. A meta website, Tape It or Die, has been created to help residents of Fortune City survive the zombie plague that started five years ago by making them aware of the various methods of weapon creation, providing blogs and pictures in hopes of creating the "ultimate weapon." What they may have provided, though, is perhaps the "ultimate spoiler". For those of you who haven't survived the outbreak of Willamette, Colorado, be warned, there be spoilers ahead. So "Johnny Pipes", one of the bloggers and founders
  3. Last week we posted one of the gameplay videos for Megaman Universe. It evoked classic Mega Man gameplay...almost a bit TOO classic, as the stages seemed to resemble remixes of stages from Mega Man 2. And we still had no clue about the special characters that would guest star (Ryu and American Box Art Man). Well, Capcom Unity has revealed the nature of Mega Man Universe. The people behind the new stages and characters won't be the Capcom designers but the Mega Man Universe players. Taking cues from Little Big Planet, Mega Man Universe will allow players to not only customize and create the
  4. Sure they just announced the game a few days ago, but with 10 years and both Marvel's and Capcom's rosters having grown by leaps and bounds, speculation as to who the new and returning challengers will be has already got fans on the net speculating. While only 6 have been revealed so far (3 on each side, and all fighting game vets except for Chris Redfield), the trailers and promotional posters almost act as teaser reveals for the characters yet to be revealed. Think you recognize any? Hit the jump for speculations from Kotaku. While Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will most likely not reach the 50+ ch
  5. One of the highlights of Capcom's next generation zombie-killer (no, not RE5) was the ability to pick up just about anything in the Mall and use it as a weapon. Sometimes the results were incredibly lethal and effective, and sometimes they were just comedic, but the fact is that if you could pick it up, you could use it. So how could Dead Rising 2 possibly top that? While it was hinted at in the announcement trailer, Capcom has officially revealed the ability to take two seemingly unrelated weapons and combine them into super weapons, the result being a better way to kill zombies, and a fast
  6. Now that the Sony GoW3 has come and gone, Microsoft has announced that its GoW3 will be arriving to finish the fight. Gears of War 3 is in development for a release date of April 2011. According to Kotaku, the official first announcement of Gears of War 3 was to take place on Cliff Bleszinski's appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon April 8th, but his appearance was postponed to the 12th at the last minute, supposedly to "polish what we're showing". Unfortunately (or fortunately if you can't stand Jimmy Fallon), your XBox 360 was tired of sitting on the news and decided to go ahead and a
  7. April 15, 2010. Mark it on your calenders, Original XBox fans. And get your gaming in while you still can, because on that date, XBox Live will be discontinued for all Original XBox games, including games available for download on XBLA. Insiders indicate that the closure of XBox Live for Original XBox games will help to serve the improvement of XBox Live for XBox 360, although the details of which have not been made explicit at this time. And sure, most XBox Live users may not mourn long or at all, and maybe even consider it about time, but for those who still rock the online multiplayer of
  8. Despite incredibly oddball Japanese games like Katamari Damacy making it over to shores, some Japanese games don't receive the same following. Sengoku Basara was released in North America on October 25, 2005, but with many significant changes. Whereas the original Japanese game was a fictionalized telling of the Sengoku period in Japan, the localization removed all historical references in favor of a pure fantasy setting, altered various gameplay modes and designs, and renamed the game "Devil Kings". This was a misguided effort, as the game failed miserably outside of Japan. While sequels
  9. Video Games | Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 | Captivate 10: Debut Trailer XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Captivate 10, Capcom's game showcase, has already thrown down the gauntlet to itself with the announcement of the decade-long anticipated Marvel vs. Capcom 3. However, they were only just getting started, as Capcom has followed up that exciting announcement with the debut trailer of Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2. While Nathan 'RAD' Spencer's swing into the true 3-D realm with Bionic Commando was met with lukewarm sales and even more dismal reviews, the 2.5D revamp of the NES classic tha
  10. Guybrush & Company will be returning to Monkey Island this summer with Monkey Island 2: Lechuck's Revenge Special Edition. Like last years surprise XBLA hit, The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, Monkey Island 2 SE will feature the ability to switch between the classic graphics and SCUMM interface of the 1991 PC classic as well as enhanced HD paint style and full voice soundtrack. This time, however, XBLA users won't be the only ones plundering the high seas: PS3 and Mac lovers will be able to help Guybrush Threepwood find the treasure of 'Big Whoop!' Even better: The Secret of Mo
  11. Ms Splosion Man Developed by: Twisted Pixel Games Published by: Microsoft Games Studios Platforms: Xbox 360 (XBLA) Players: Single and Multiplayer With a spray of champagne and a stray celebratory bow, Ms. Splosion Man opens with the accidental creation of the Ms. while the scientist are carelessly celebrating their successful capture of her male counterpart. The second game in the Splosion Series created by Twisted Pixel, Ms. Splosion Man runs on the famous Beard engine, making it quick to pick up for fans of the original and easy to learn for newcomers. Ms. Splosion Man pays homage to classi
  12. While the three in the title might lead some to believe this is the third game in the Bejeweled series, it is actually the fifth and the only direct sequel to Bejeweled 2.This fantasy themed variation on the same is a far cry from the original Bejeweled released ten years ago with only two modes of play. Bejeweled 3 provides players with 8 modes of play and 8 types of gems to swap. Bejeweled 3 brings back 4 traditional modes of play, as seen in Bejeweled 2, and adds 4 new modes. Returning on the platform are Classic mode, Zen mode, Lightning mode, and Quest mode. Classic mode is the basic Beje
  13. While the jury is still out regarding Heavy Rain's playability (is it just a CG version of the full motion video games of the mid-90s peppered with quicktime events?), its packaging for the Europe-only special edition evokes the fun meta connectivity of the PC adventure games of the late 80s and early 90s. Sure, some games' pack-in manuals have had a good meta quality to them (Grand Theft Auto's manuals are brochures highlighting that particular city's hot spots) and limited editions come with the occasional soundtrack or figure, but Heavy Rain's European edition really takes the cake (which
  14. A trailer for yet another video game to movie transition, this time for Namco's Tekken, though judging from the presence of Jin Kazama and Eddy Gordo, it would probably be more appropriate to call it "Tekken 3", but that would have messed with general movie goer's heads too much. (You'll also have to excuse the insertion of captions mocking /Film). So far, the film has only premiered in the United States on November 5, 2009, as part of the American Film Market Film Festival, hoping to find a distributor. While distribution in the US still remains in doubt, it is set for a theatrical release i
  15. Fatal Frame fans were disheartened to learn that the latest iteration in the survival horror series, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, would not receive an English translation/release from Nintendo due to poor sales in Japan. This is a shame, as the Wii controls seemed PERFECT for the unique "point and shooting" that the series is famous for. However, that hasn't stopped fans with plenty of time to work around the translation issue. One particular group has actually managed to develop a patch that replaces all on-screen Japanese script with English script, as well as providing English subtitles fo
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