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    Hot hot Florida
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    Music, Horror, Gore, Human interaction, Debates, Phobias , Making friends, Mythology, Zoology, & World History

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The name is Gazz-Salad. The simple version of the story is: my nickname is Gazz, everyone calls me this and I also have an obsession with salad. It is so good. So thus Gazz-Salad was born. Reoccurring themes you will see from me is Ferrets and Medical supplies and the talking of butts. I'm just your average person. I live my life the way I want to and enjoy every moment of it. I come from a colorful background of Unconventional parenting techniques and home life. I am a charismatic and friendly person, I do tend to be shy at first but I promise get to know me and we'll have magical adventures together! 


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