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[Review] - Sequence

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    Developed by: Iridium Studios

    Platforms: PC and Xbox LIVE indie games

    Players: 1

    Puzzle Quest proved that adding RPG elements to a tried and true game design like a match three puzzle can turn a game into absolute crack. But what happens when you add RPG elements to a rhythm game?



Sequence is a bit of an odd mix. It's a rhythm game with RPG elements such as item drops, equipment and leveling, but it requires just as much skill progression on the player's end as it does for developing your character's level.


In the game you must fight a series of monsters and a boss on each of the seven floors of a tower, with your ultimate goal being to reach the top and escape. Three boxes with incoming notes are presented to you and you must switch between them to perform different tasks. One for defending by blocking enemy attack notes, one for gathering mana by hitting those notes, and one for casting spells by expending that mana. If you miss a note in a spell, it won't be casted but you'll have still lost the mana.


It all gets a bit hectic, but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite satisfying. Most of the music you jam to is by Youtube sensation Ronald Jenkees, so you get an array of interesting pop/techno/electronic tracks to play along to.


Probably one of my favorite things about the game was the dialog and humor. It has one of the funniest tutorials I have ever seen in a game, breaking the fourth wall and poking fun at things like experience points, and the correct pronunciation of "mana". It has a sarcastic wit about it, with a clear inspiration from Square Enix's The World Ends With You as stated by the developer, Jason Wishnov himself. With every boss encounter you are greeted by a hilariously deranged individual that will have you laughing at their ridiculousness. Their oddities mostly come from their speech mannerisms, ranging from a man who talks as if he is a text based choose your own adventure computer game, one who talks in excessive metaphors like a noir style detective, and others.


One of the best things about the game, it's only a $3 Xbox LIVE indie game, or $5 on Steam. The production values in the game easily rival those of indie games at three times the price. The game is fully voice acted and it will take over ten hours to complete the story mode. I myself put in over twenty hours, so there's plenty of value to be had. There is also a demo on the Xbox LIVE marketplace. If you are a gamer and don't laugh at the tutorial at least a little, then there is no hope for you.


Sequence is a fantastic game. Hilarious dialog, fun and strategic skill based gameplay, and addictive RPG elements synergize into one very unique and satisfying experience. And at the low price, it is a very easy recommendation to make if you are into rhythm based gameplay.


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