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The Secrets of the 'Universe' Become a Bit More Clear

Last week we posted one of the gameplay videos for Megaman Universe.  It evoked classic Mega Man gameplay...almost a bit TOO classic, as the stages seemed to resemble remixes of stages from Mega Man 2.  And we still had no clue about the special characters that would guest star (Ryu and American Box Art Man).

Well, Capcom Unity has revealed the nature of Mega Man Universe.  The people behind the new stages and characters won't be the Capcom designers but the Mega Man Universe players.

Taking cues from Little Big Planet, Mega Man Universe will allow players to not only customize and create their own unique robotic hero from various parts of classic, new, and guest characters, but also the very stages that they will traverse to take down the Robot Masters.  The customizeable heroes will have unique powers depending upon their build, thus making multiple "Mega Men" a gameplay advantage.  Players will be able to determine not only the stage design but also enemy and item placement and will be able to share their stages with other players.  More of Mega Man Universe and these gameplay features are set to be featured at the Tokyo Gaming Show.


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