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Space Engineers - Glorious Block Space Comrade

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Space Engineers!




The #1 Space Building game. Piece together ships and stations block by block. 



  • Block building - but don't compare it to other block building type games. These blocks are highly detailed, and not even all that blocky most of the time.
  • Space Ships - If it has an engine, a thruster, and a control panel then you can fly it around to your hearts content.
  • Physics - Gravity generators keep the loose items firmly planted. Link a few gravity fields together and you build a rail cannon for whatever you have laying around
  • Collisions - Blocks get crushed, crumpled, and even completely sheered off as newbs smash their plebeian ships into your glorious battlecruiser.
  • Steam Workshop - Tons of built in mod support. From entirely new objects to simply just pre-built ships.
  • Combat - PVP with space ships. Gatling guns and missile launchers to show that you don't like someone.



    This weekend the game is free to play, with a 40% discount if you want to buy.


In short - Play it now. Play it with me. Unless you hate America.

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