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The Bag of Holding - ThinkGeek product


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Not necessarily a product review from myself, but I wanted to say that this thing is seriously AWESOME.  Very well made, looks pretty great and super sturdy with an absolute TON of space to put things in and hold stuff! 




I picked one of these up because they were half off last week, and it is so worth it.  Fits my laptop perfectly with plenty of space to spare.  Even can lug around my PS4, two controllers, cables, and a bunch of games with extra room also. 


If you're looking for a pretty great messenger bag, even just something to pack stuff to travel with, I would recommend this highly.


Two panda thumbs up.

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I need a bag for my laptop (using a backpack) but ugh I can't be so plain!


Then sew some patches or something on it, or use markers and get creative.  It's wicked sturdy and awesome canvas material.  Just need to make it your own if you get it lol. 


and lol PK.

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