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BL2 - Pre-Sequel skins


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Thanks PK!


I am actually quite looking forward to this game now. Athena and her fine self kind of sold me on it. Plus, laser weapons, low gravity and the O2 mechanic sound pretty fun. The way enemies shatter also looks fun as hell.


I only got through the first play-through of B2 when it came out and have been starving for some new games. Nothing really out so I re-bought B2 Game of The Year edition with all add-ons and giving it another chance. Its been a long time since I played it. I started the Psycho character. After a bit of playing I feel like maybe I was a little hard on the game back when it came out. Looking back I am not sure what I was expecting.


I think I was just so excited for B2 back then but was disappointed when the loot tables were so different. Was not fond of the golden key system and keeping up with that. I really just wanted to earn and find those things in the world by playing and leveling. Not a fan of farming bosses all the time either.


So now I am taking a different approach to B2 and just playing it for what it is with all the DLC. Trying different weapons that I normally don't go for and so far its been pretty fun.

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