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Backup TeamSpeak Server


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As an update. The main TS is online, but I don't have any access to the server it's running on. So it could come and go at any time.  However, they finally updated me on the issue. So, it looks like everything will be back to normal sometime next week. By normal, I mean, better, because all the random drops and lag should be gone as well.  I'll just paste the email, it's easier.



CloudAtCost has been experiencing extended storage outages due to the underlying Fiber channel Locking technology. Since our environment has grown so large we are constantly getting lost locks which is a manual process for us to track down and fix where the process of fixing one virtual server can take up to 15-20 minutes.


To avoid this from happening in the future we have been moving to NFS SSD arrays.


We have been moving all our customers and was at 90% completion before the last storage outage that affected the remaining 2000 fiber channel customers.


We have 2 Support Teams focused the 2 actions 

1. Migrating the remaining servers to a new NFS array.

2. Fixing the remaining customers servers.


We apologize for the delay in getting back to everyone on their support tickets in a timely manor but we expect everything to be back and better than ever early this week.


Thanks again for your patience and we appreciate your business.

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Looks like they have solved most of the major issues. I was able to remote into the server again last night and test everything out. Working better than it ever has. No guarantees so I'm going to leave the backup up for another couple of weeks. If all goes well I will take it back offline.

The renewal for the server the backup TS is running on comes up in October. I'm going to cancel it everything goes well to save me a crap load of money. After that I'll have to get a little more creative for backup solutions, but I'll do my best to keep the main server running and to get a backup going if the main fails. I won't run both at once though.

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