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Wolfenstein The New Order


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This came in the mail today.  4 discs and 35GB later it's currently downloading the last 5GB. I can only assume Day 1 patch or some Steam drm or another.  Regardless, I'm eagerly awaiting it to hurry up and finish! I haven't played anything in at least a month. I'm hoping this will make me find time to game more often.

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Finally got it all loaded up and played for the past couple of hours. I think I'm somewhere around Chapter 4.  I love it. It may just be my hiatus from gaming and in need of a good fix, but I really am enjoying the game.  The story isn't top notch, but for a Wolfenstein game it feels fantastic!  Lots of, just feels right, with a hint of sorrow.  I really should be going to bed, but I think I'll finish this chapter. I just wanted to stop and report in briefly.  I'm sure it will get a lot of mediocre this, and decent shooter that, but it is a good game. 


On the graphics side, it looks pretty good too. No AA support in game that I see, but I am running it on High settings with a single card since the ID 5 engine doesn't seem to play well with SLI.  Had to disable one of my monitors to get G-Sync working right, but G-sync will always be worth the extra effort.


It's likely not worth the commonly approaching $60 price tag, but with all the good deals these days it's well within the realm of worth it. I picked it up at Best Buy for $40 after the $20 of in store credit for preordering.  I'm starting to wonder if that's not the reason prices are trending up.  Playing the Steam sale card smartly. Charge a base price of $60 knowing full well many retails are going to knock off 20% or more on pre sales.  Either way, my wife and I went to see Godzilla the other night and it cost me $12 just to get myself in.  So, again, as far as entertainment values go, $40 - $60 for a game that's around 6 hours for one play through is well worth it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not justifying buying the game vs playtime, I'm just letting my thoughts ramble. 


If you like Wolfenstein (or an alternate reality themed shooter) and can find it on sale after release, nab it.  Or hell, buy it anyway. It's pretty good.

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