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Diablo 3 - Reaper of Souls / Loot 2.0


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Let the re-nerfing commence.


There is now an additional bonus 25% chance to find a Legendary item while in a Nephalem Rift.
- The number of chests that spawn in the following zones has been reduced: Core of Arreat, Briarthorn Cemetary, Battlefields of Eternity and Crag of Eternity.
- Demonic Vessels were using the incorrect loot table, and now give less generous loot.


Other fixes here. Go check out your characters changes.


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I chain nephalem rift in T3 and no many loot , did you have this problem to  ? i play 8h and find 2 legendary :s ( hope they gonna up more legendary find in rift ) .


Or maybe i am just unlucky . ^^


The exp buff is really good , help me so much to up paragon level .

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