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Elder Scrolls Online Beta


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I know some of you guys don't like Angry Joe but he does tell it like it is. He is not my favorite but he gives honest reviews and answers.


In the video he talks about Elder Scrolls a bit and yikes it does not sound that great. It is early and I have high hopes for the game. I am however, very reluctant to take on another MMO after my WoW days.


This is a big negative for me that they are locking off classes for pre-order bonuses?? For example, you can't be an Imperial unless you buy the Collector's Edition. This is completely out of line for a game that already costs $60 or more plus $15/mo in my opinion.


The mounts sound uber expensive unless you buy the collectors edition to have one included. They are really pushing that collectors edition:


Despite some of this anyone taking the plunge?

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