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Xbox One News on Day One Update


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No, you read that correctly. After you unbox and setup your brand new Xbox One, there is an update. The mandatory update will need 15-20 minutes to fully download.

The update addresses the system's firmware changes that were needed after the change of policies that occurred when fans moaned over several key features that were set to appear in the Xbox One. Unfortunately for the Xbox One consoles that were set to launch could not be tweaked to reflect those changes hence the need for the update.

"We are optimising Xbox One so that the day one update is as fast as possible. While we're still finalising the details, we expect that the download will take between 15 and 20 minutes for most users," stated Xbox One's Chief Platform Architect Marc Whitten to IGN.

Whitten also explained that every single Xbox One title will be able to use the cloud service, existing Xbox Live gamertags will be carried over to the Xbox One, and there will be optional updates from developers that gamers do not have to download immediately and can continue playing online without interruption.

Whitten also confirmed that you can be signed on at the same time with the same gamertag on one Xbox 360 console and one Xbox One console and reiterated that Xbox One is no longer region locked and also that gamers can turn the Kinect sensor completely off in the settings.

The Xbox One is set to launch this upcoming holiday season on the same day as the Xbox 360 launched, November 22nd. Xbox One's competitor the PS4, releases the week prior on November 15th.

via IGN

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I agree Sky.  It is a nice change, because there have been numerous times when you download an update and it makes things worse and they have to release a patch.  So at least now you can wait and see if there are any issues and still be able to play.

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