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Xbox One Exclusive Ryse Cannot Run on the PS4

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Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli made a rather interesting comment over Twitter when asked why Crytek's upcoming story about the fictional character, Marius Titus who becomes a leader in the Roman Army isn't appearing on Sony's Playstation 4 and remains an exclusive to the Xbox One.

The comment was made after Yerli was asked if Ryse: Son of Rome could run at 1080p and if would have "hurdles" on the PS4 and he responded by stating that, "Yes as choice wasnt based on a hurdle. Its for efficiency as no perceived visual difference, as final output is 1080p". Keep in mind that Rome is run at 900p, which is "upscaled to 1080p" according to OXM.

This announcement comes after many gamers have hurled accusations at Crytek that the graphics of the game have received a downgrade since this year's E3 where it was shown.

Yerli further responded to these accusations over Twitter saying, "There is not one single downgrade compared to E3, promised! Only UPGRADES in the final push towards finalling phase! Its FULL HD XP" and "Ryse runs at 1600x900 for best perf & res, we apply our upscaler for AA, framebuffer native 1080p. SAME as E3 Xbox One! No change, No compromise!".

To prove his point, Yerli also posted a photo comparing Ryse that appeared at E3 and with the current game graphics which he claims, "Hero Marius 85k polys? It was choice. 150k polys w LODs vs 85K + better shading + no LODs (stable). The latter wo at better quality!".

Posted Image

What do you think?

via OXM and Twitter

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