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New PS4 Pre-Orders Not Guaranteed in the UK

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Our friends that live in the UK who waited until the last minute to pre-order Sony's PS4 are not going to be happy with the news of pre-orders no longer being guaranteed for a day one release, although if you waited until now to order the console then you have nobody to blame but yourself.

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ShopTo, a UK online store confirmed the news by stating, "Sony have confirmed all PlayStation 4 pre-orders placed from 6th August will now not be guaranteed for launch. You can still pre-order PS4 with us in case we receive cancellations and can fulfil your order for launch."

Shortly after this announcement, Amazon stated the same thing to their UK market; "Please note - due to high demand, orders placed for the PlayStation 4 console from 6th August may be received after release date. We will ship orders as soon as we receive sufficient inventory.".

Also releasing a statement was Asda who said, "Any customer who has placed a Pre-Order with Asda for a Sony PlayStation 4 console before 5th August will have their console delivered on day of launch. These amended Terms & Conditions are for all Pre-order placed on or after the 5th August now that Sony have suspended Guaranteed Day 1 Pre-Ordering".

via CVG

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