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The Returners: Season One Omnibus (FREE TODAY)

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This is a good read by the writer of the first Borderlands game.



Alex Heton is living a second life and so is his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, Chloe. After a man tries to kill both of them in a restaurant, they reveal to each other that they are the reincarnated bodies and minds of Alexander the Great and Joan of Arc.

Before long, they find out that there are many out there like themselves, from Eliot Ness to a thirteen-year-old Albert Einstein. As the group tries to band together and figure out how they have returned, they are hunted by a crazed killer who is just like them: a returner. Can they figure out who the killer is in time? Will they find out how they managed to retain all of their memories from a previous life? How many returners are there?

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