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Shadowrun Returns - First gameplay look


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I don't get the dog tags D: But I get the t-shirts and the DocWagon, and a pretty PDF book.


Yeah, I liked the prizes.  I threw down $125 on this and the same amount on Mechwarrior Online last year.  To be honest this is the game I'm totally looking forward to and that first look video has me squealing like a school girl.  So pumped!

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Game is being released This June supposedly (which is awesome.  They wanted to release last year but I'm glad they took the extra time).  Will be available on Steam and still avail for pre-order if you wanted.


I just got my email today for my backer rewards info (t-shirt size, dogtags, name in credits, blah blah blah moar stuff).  I'm stoked!  Seriously can't wait.  I really love the Shadowrun universe.




You can still pre-order here if you'd like.  Not sure what you get still but it's going to be a great damn game :D



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What was the physical reward?


It all depended on how much you backed the game for (I backed at the $125 level).  I got the following:


  • Physical boxed copy of the game
  • 8GB engraved USB dog tags (which are actually pretty fucking sweet)
  • Hardcover anthology book with special short stories written inside by original Shadowrun authors
  • Shadowrun T-shirt (one of three available to pick)
  • Personalized "DocWagon" card (with a picture that I drew printed on it for the ID lol)


Plus a whole bunch of digital rewards

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