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Chris Cornell is playing an acoustic solo set at the Carnegie Music Hall (best venue I've ever been to, saw Wilco there) and part of me wants to go. Having said that, prices are a bit steep to see him play stuff off his solo records that I don't care about. Can't Soundgarden just come through Pittsburgh already?

So, a guy in my fraternity works with me at one of the local music venues. A girl he likes is a runner for Live Nation (gets what the artists want on show days). Anyway, last minute he was asked to be a part of the ambiance crew for the Jay-Z/Kanye Watch the Throne tour date in Pittsburgh. He basically set up the elaborate dressing rooms for both Kanye and Jay-Z, but he worked primarily on Jay's room. At one point, he was given a pile of folded clothes to put on a table and he told me at the bar that he realized that "I'm holding Jay-Z's underwear!" haha but I also knew the guy who worked on Kanye's room, which took them upward of 7-8 hours to prepare. For instance, the entire room had to be white (his rider said he needed 12 dozen white roses) and they said that setting up his curtains took 5 hours in and of itself.

Anyway, long story short, I got a 2 free tickets in the club seats about 5 rows up center-ice (it was in the arena where the Penguins play hockey). It was a baller show! Despite the fact that hip hop shows aren't my favorite, seeing two icons together was pretty awesome. In this video, Jay thematically followed up Kanye's "Gold Digger" with "99 Problems."


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