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On 9/15/2016 at 11:02 AM, PeeKnuckle said:

WHOA, grandfather!? Wasn't your son like 15 the last time we spoke? Time really does fly, I guess. Congratulations, Papa Pogre!

Bubbles and RUSH, it doesn't get any better. <3

yeah, it's holy shit. my son is now 18. things are settling down and he's manning up. still in school, straight a's and working almost full time. his girlfriend had a falling out with her parents so she's living part of the time here and most of the time with my in laws. makes babysitting much easier.


the baby was born august 1st and his name is... august. happy, healthy and looks great. I'm still pretty pissed off at the whole thing, but like I said, he's handling it. so there's a little bit of pride mixed in with my anger over it.

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on a side note, and somewhat related to the topic, I just upgraded my home theater. went a little apeshit, but I love music and now it sounds so good!


this is what what I got:


2 of these


a pair of these


and a new receiver.



by far the best system I've ever had. those bookshelf speakers are nothing short of amazing. they're studio monitor and reference grade speakers. and paired with 2 subs... holy shit. I still have he deftech promonitor 1000's for my surround.

this sounds amazing on my system.


can you tell I'm stoked? :P

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On this!



Just got the subs a couple weeks ago. Sounds freaking awesome.


*Edit: That's Misty on the floor. She likes Chevelle and Tool too.  :P

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