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XSplit Guide - How to Stream with XSplit

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XSplit is definitely down. Was having a lot of problems and figured I would just uninstall and reinstall clean.

Apparently the Xsplit website is the issue (having problems with Amazon Cloud). LoL Now I can't reinstall till they sort it out. Looks like no streaming this weekend. *shrugs*

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  • 2 months later...

I'll update the guide here and on the main page when XSplit comes out of Beta. However, I wanted to mention for everyone who has or is thinking of getting a Black Magic Intensity Pro. I'm using the newer drivers Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Windows_8.0.1 with mine and XSplit fully supports the changing of resolution and capture refresh rate internally now. This was the biggest hassle to get working right, and they seem to have the bugs worked out on that end. Haven't tried the audio capture yet, but I will let you guys know when I do.

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Just thought I'd let you know that this is an absolutely brilliantly written guide and I've used it. It's also the number 1 hit on Google when you inquire 'xsplit guide'

Good job Dat!

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Seems XSplit has an issue with the AVERTV HD DVR capture card. The XSplit.Core.EXE*32 process never ends correctly but it does in FME. When XSplit is open and no Aver device has been selected as a scene it closes just fine. Great guy and I hope to get everything fixed. :(

EDIT: Holy hell, I figured it out. Now, I'm trying to get it to save my output settings. :)

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  • 10 months later...

So I have the full version and I'm having some issues with major FPS loss. Do you think it could be my hardware?

I have the i7 920 processor at 2.67GHz, a Radeon HD 5850, 6GB of DDR3. Should I be getting drops of FPS in my game like 200 FPS to <30? That can't be right, right?

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It's possible, but most likely something is up. That hardware really shouldn't have a problem with it. There will be FPS loss, but it shouldn't be that substantial. What's your XSplit setup? Resolution, Frame Rate, bitrate, quality, etc? Oh, and what game are you seeing the FPS loss in, and what capture method are you using? Desktop, Game etc?

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  • I use the screen region capture method.
  • I run at 1920x1080 for my normal desktop resolution.
  • My resolution for Xsplit is set to 1280x720.
  • Frame rate is set to 60FPS at the moment but I've tried 30FPS with no success either.
  • The bitrate is set to 1500kbps. Here is my connection speed taken minutes ago. 2096306800.png
  • Quality is currently set to 6.
  • The game I'm trying to stream is League of Legends.

I'm gonna try to run the game while streaming and see what it's like on the stream. Usually when I had people watch it, it was lagging pretty badly. Almost unwatchable.

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30 fps for the frame rate is plent for streaming. Everything else looks good to. Have you tried using the game capture method instead? Only other possibility is lowering xsplit resolution, but still shouldn't be that big of a hit in game.

Okay, so I'm running the bandwidth tester in Xsplit itself and it's always giving me the red signal no matter what I set the bitrate to. That shouldn't be happening right? I'll post the logs of the most recent Bandwidth Test at 1500kbps.

Initializing connection to server....
Trying to stream maximum data rate of 1564 kbps...
Initializing transmission to server... (100%)
Average data rate during 1081 ms: 273 kbps...
Average data rate during 2203 ms: 252 kbps...
Average data rate during 2173 ms: 228 kbps...
Average data rate during 2159 ms: 338 kbps...
Average data rate during 2175 ms: 310 kbps...
Average data rate during 2044 ms: 319 kbps...
Average data rate during 2084 ms: 383 kbps...
Average data rate during 1433 ms: 181 kbps...
Average data rate during 2161 ms: 321 kbps...
Average data rate during 2173 ms: 345 kbps...
Average data rate during 1626 ms: 120 kbps...
Average data rate during 2144 ms: 227 kbps...
Average data rate during 2064 ms: 239 kbps...
Average data rate during 2089 ms: 251 kbps...
Average data rate during 2318 ms: 334 kbps...
Average data rate: 275 kbps.
Dropped frames: 768
Your bandwidth to server is probably not sufficient.
You can redo the test, but if the test consistently gives you a RED signal, you may consider lowering your combined audio bitrate and max video bitrate to below 1564 kbps.

EDIT: I don't see why I can pull a speedtest of over 4MB/s but can't pull more than 300kbps on my Xsplit.

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Ok, so the biggest problem here is the choppiness of the stream. If you're getting that low that's definitely the problem. You get the lowers speeds because of Justin.tv Ustream, etc, servers. They can only handle so much, and I wouldn't put it past them to throttle channels that aren't producers etc. I suggest, if you're trying to broadcast to a site that supports it, changing your server location. If you're using Twitch, then change back to the default server and retest. If that's not better, then go to the closest server to you and work your way further out until you get better results.

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Funny, I just linked someone to your guide yesterday. Unsanity/Tom, when he was having streaming issues.

Not sure what the issue is for you, Nick, but some games have more issues being streamed than others. Though League of Legends shouldn't, as it's a very commonly streamed game on JTV/TTV.

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I'm gonna try to stream some. Should I wait until you update it or can I go ahead and use it now?

You could still use this to set up a channel pretty much perfectly. And any issues you have you could just post asking Dat. Now that I've got it semi-figured out, I can probably provide some insight too if you have any basic issues.

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