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Crashing of Castles 'n Stuff

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So K. and I have been tromping through Castle Crashers now and then searching for hidden things, weaepons, animals, etc. That is, when we actually have -time- together to unwind.

Anyone else playing this or have any tips/tricks/general banter?

We've downladed the King pack and Necromantic pack as well and are seriously enjoying it.

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I absolutely loved Castle Crashers. I actually played it so much that it's gotten boring lol, like it's just running around button mashing now that I've seen almost everything 100 times. I have all of the achievements, and I have a level 99 Blue Knight, so if you need anything blasted into icy bits, I'm your guy lol. I haven't played it in quite a while though, so maybe I'll mess around in it a bit sometime.

I also have both DLCs, though I haven't really leveled the King or Necromancer past the point where I can see all of their spells.


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I have played it, I have seen people at level 126. The max is 99, right?

Yeah 99 is the cap, they glitched or hacked.

Honestly, after about 70 I myself used the boomerang exploit to level up a lot faster (since it goes SO slow at those high levels)

You get XP for each hit, not kill, and the boomerang is super weak but hits a lot, so you throw it, block, and get a boss between you and the boomerang so it gets stuck on it when it tries to return, then start the level over when the boss dies.

They patched it, but you can still do it if you clear your system cache and play offline to remove the patch. That's a pain though because 90% of the games you play after that will log you out of LIVE and force you to download their respective patches when you play them next.

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I too have a level 99 blue knight, perhaps blue is the color of champions?

Well I just got my Blue Knight to 23 last night. Karen got her Red Knight to 19-ish, maybe 20 after we did our playthrough to unlock. She wants the Bear, I wanted the 'industrial' guy the Blue Knight unlocked.

To be honest, we're trying to unlock -everything- just because the game is mindless button mashing fun after the long work days and crap commutes that we have. Who says that gaming isn't great for couples?

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