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Gamefly Gift Certificate up for Grabs!

Twiztid Rose

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So, briza won the Gamefly gift certificate I put up in the giveaway. Later I found out she lives in Australia, and that caused some concern. So I messaged Gamefly on their facebook page, and also emailed them, hoping for a quick answer as to if they deliver there or not. Both answers came back that they do not, unfortunately they only deliver to the United States.

SO.... If you live in the United States and you want FREE games for 3 months (2 at a time!!!) just make a post in this thread!!!! I'm sorry about this, but I wanna ask that only members that have 20+ posts enter.

Hurry and make your post, I will do the drawing tomorrow! I will post a video of me, Ash and Ian doing the drawing. =)

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No need to feel greedy. =)

Well Ian has an appointment at a trade school at 6pm, so I'm going to do the drawing as soon as he gets home. So start watching for the video I'd say around 7pm'ish PST. I'll post an update with a cut-off and when I'm starting the drawing.

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Lol Dat, thats what I told him! Works perfect!

Like I told PK, I wanted to redo the video so bad, but obviously I couldn't so I had to go with it lol. I felt so dumb! I hate taking pictures, but that was soooo much worse!

But really, I'm toying with the idea of giving one away every couple of months, may not always be a 3 month certificate though. Giving feels so good, and no matter how embarrassing it was, it was FUN!

But next time I want more damn entries!! >.>

And I'll do the draw the same way, with the kids on video. Maybe I'll get better lol!

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