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I need a logo made


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If I end up using it, I'm willing to pay. I believe $20-$40 is a fair price. It's a simple design. This will be paid via PayPal.

The company's name is C.O.O.L. and I need the meaning for each letter to flow downwards at a right angle. The C.O.O.L. lettering would be a light green with a dark green border. I'd prefer the font to be easily read, with no curves. Something like the "Impact" font.

The bottom text under the C.O.O.L. is





To form California. Outside. Organic. Limited.

The lettering extending downwards at a right angle would be the same light green used in the C.O.O.L., but without the dark border.

I don't have any specific dimensions, but go large. We can always resize it to fit on the webpage, and the larger logo could be used to make t-shirts, etc at a later time.

This is a paid commission and the logo you make will transfer into my hands in full ownership with all rights.

If you can agree with the terms and think you can take this on, please reply in this thread. I reserve the right to choose whomever I want for this project. This isn't a game. This is for a business.


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That's really good, Kira. One question. I didn't specify it, and I'm kicking myself for it now. Is there anyway you can make the logo on a transparent background?

Also, I'll need to show this to my dad and make absolutely sure it's what he needs. Should be fine, though. Thanks again.

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