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Diablo 3 BattleTag Thread

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Topaz = Intelligence (Wizard and Witch Doctor's main attack points come from it)

Emerald = Dexterity (Demon Hunter and Monk's main attack points)

Ruby = Strength (Barbarian)

Amethyst = Vitality = HP Health Points

Keep 'em. I was just looking to buff you up a bit in the beginning of the game. Sell them on the AH if you like.

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If you're looking to buff your characters via the AH, I think now is the time. The prices have come way down since the real money AH opened up. I picked up at least 5 great items that had no negatives, only positives for my character. Picked 'em up for less than 300k, too. Usually have to pay that much for one item. lol

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It really is. I'm constantly cleaning my 'stache up. When I play with some others, they're usually go-go-go! and I don't have time to 'stache stuff away in my overcomplicated process. lol

Edited for comedic value. lol

Now I have an image of PK putting items away in a giant bushy moustache, the horror. XD

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