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Diablo 3 BattleTag Thread

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I played with Huff and Sedington for a few hours last night. They were both many levels below me, but are now almost at my same level.

They both also do more DPS than me. Bastards.

@Huff I didn't steal it. Yours was something else when I went to change mine. I didn't even know you were changing yours when I was doing mine. Turns out, we both get back in game, throw our banners and they're almost carbon copies. We couldn't do that again if we tried! lol

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Damn that a ss is fine. And see, my guy does totally look like my avatar lol. Sadly it seems most of the later mage helmets will look funky, with random pointy stuff and horns. The vanishing dye will come in handy at that point (it applies to clothes that can be dyed normally, and just makes them invisible as though that equipment slot were empty, while you keep the stats.)

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Here's the new look at the moment:


A little bit more exotic, lotsa styyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyle.

The Wizard is getting badass. I play the class as sort of a battlemage, rushing straight into groups of enemies with an invincibility spell, a spell shield that freezes enemies that hit him, orbiting death bombs, tornados, blizzards, and the awesome sword/blades spell.

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