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Just Cause 2


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I wanted to start a topic here about the latest game I've been playing. Just Cause 2 is and awesome game for anyone who loves free roam. The game is filled full of over the top actions and abilities, but delivers a very fun, action packed experience. Just the small things in this game draw you in and make you want to play.

The PC version also sports a great ability to switch seamlessly between keyboard/mouse control and the XBOX 360 Controller for Windows. Everything right down to the context sensitive menu items changes to match the setup you are using on the fly. So this way, I can be running and gunning one minute with the keyboard and mouse for accuracy and the next be flying my get away play with the 360 controller. All with the only missed beat being me picking up the controller.

The only down sides are a pretty basic, poor voice acted story, and the occasional crash or two. As a SLI user, I have to warn that I have had crashes and graphical errors in SLI mode that doesn't seem to happen when running a single card. Anyhow, I recommend anyone who enjoys open world shooters to pick it up. ( and just people who like good games! )

Some of the footage from my game:

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