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Borderlands BTest2 is now live


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The numbers from BTest - that Borderlands stat-tracking experiment we ran to help us improve our games -- are in. They're quite enlightening.

For example, some of you had clearly a hard time making up your mind, as character color was changed over 96,000 times. What else? More than 137 million lootables opened, over 54 million weapons picked up, and just over 104 billion experience points earned - all between September 9 and October 31, 2011. Fascinating!

But encouraging as those snippets are, it's not enough. As scientists, we want to know more. We need to know more.

That's why we're kicking this puppy into second gear with BTest2. It's available now.

BTest2 takes everything we you loved about the original BTest and adds more science to make it even better. And just like the first BTest, all you need to participate (and thus, help improve the future) is a copy of Borderlands on Steam and an active internet connection.

This time around, we're focusing on newly created characters so that we can get a better idea of how characters advance and progress through the game. We've also updated the leaderboards to reflect that, so now they only show characters made since the start of BTest2.

Got questions? Check out the FAQ.

Otherwise, get out there, create a new character (maybe one you haven't played before?), explore the Borderlands and do your part to make the future a better place. Who knows, maybe some of you will even end up with a lab coat...


Lab coat? Maybe by participating, we'll all receive a Ned labcoat for in-game or for your avater.

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