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The Pay for Play Call of Duty Elite Trailer Gets Pulled Down

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A trailer for Beachhead Studio’s Call of Duty Elite has been leaked onto Youtube and Activision was quick to yank it down this morning due to copyright issues.

The recent announcement of Beachhead Studios working on the pay to play Call of Duty service that is titled, “Call of Duty Elite” has left fans either shaking their heads at the notion of paying to play for yet another service of their beloved series or others just simply saying, “don’t like it, don’t play it”. 

This service would mix together with Modern Warfare 3, however with Call of Duty Elite you are looking at somewhere around a $7.99 a month extra charge to access the extra content that you will not find with the game.  This includes new levels for the game that can only be accessed through Call of Duty Elite DLC.

Elite will also have online features such as leaderboards and stats that seem to be on par with Bungie‘s online Halo leaderboards and stat tracker.  There will also be a feature where users can meet together online and play together,

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said, “This is an enormous investment” regarding the route that it appears the Call of Duty franchise and fans might taking.

via The Wall Street Journal Online

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