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World of Warcraft

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So the other day I was bored and browsing the mmo-champ forums when I came across this one.

“Females in pugs…What do you think when you hear on vent she’s a girl?”

My first initial thought was “Oh, this is gonna be a shit wreck of hilarious sexist fun.”

By the time I had gotten to the thread it was 14 pages and ended up being locked.

Since these things amuse me I decided to read through the ENTIRE thread and try and keep track of how people felt. I was going to keep a tally of “Loved it: Indifferent. Hated it.”

Not even halfway through I just got flat out DISGUSTED by the comments some of my fellow gamers were making about their opposite sex counterparts. Really, some pretty epic stuff. So I started copying their quotes instead.

While most people were indifferent, a couple LOVED hearing girls on vent the ones who absolutely despised them said some of the most hilarious,sexist things I’ve ever heard.

I wanted to post on the thread and mention that these people who “can’t stand being around girl wow players” probably LFR/LFD with them all the time and never know any better. It’s only when we get the courage to speak up in vent does it suddenly become an issue.


Note: These are all actual quotes taken directly from that thread. I haven’t tampered with them. I do add my thoughts in italics

Cirque-(The author of the thread and a girl herself) “As for me I’ll be totally honest—whenever I hear someone’s female in vent I’m gonna get annoyed. I don’t like female voices, and my experience with most girls is really bad. Sure, there has been exceptions! To make matters worst I’m a girl myself, which makes me a hypocrite. As a result of the above however I make sure I shut my traphole when I’m in pugs to not annoy others. Which is also the reason-(blah blah blah)”

(She’s probably the type that hates another female voice because it’s competition for attention. Let’s be real here.)

Punisher069-I think it’s nice to hear a different tone of voice. It doesn’t surprise me but I like to joke with my roommate,’omg a girl on the internet.’”

Vinnyboombat- “Just because a girl plays a game, doesn’t mean she’s looking to cyber you for in game gold or meet you in real life. Learn to exist with the opposite sex around.”

Buxtonmegraff-“I think: Based on my previous experience with females in raids, she’ll probably perform very much below average. Not being sexist (lol?), this is just based on my experiences,I’ve only encountered 3 females that could raid well, 2 were Australian and 1 was british.” (I’m not going to be sexist here by making a very broad statement about one group of individuals.)

Pachycroctuta-“I smile. Why? Because (normally) I prefer to hear a female voice instead of male. So, I smile and hope she is fairly talkative so I can hear. Unless she has an annoying as fuck voice, then I frown and hope she keeps her mouth shut. It’s the same with male voices for that second part. It’s why I usually keep quiet, because I have heard my voice and it has put me to sleep before. I don’t want to induce sleep in someone else”

Gwiez- “I’m not annoyed by a female voice on vent. I’m annoyed by sexism and other bigotry on vent or in chat. Someone’s proclivity towards scapegoating has more to do with their ability (and unpleasantness) than their piping does.”

Blaze1- “First thing I think is she must be nervous. 2nd thing I think is she will either a) cause a couple wipes or B) be mediocre at playing her class (dps/hps.) If she’s a healer that scares me even more it’s more difficlt to actually see how she’s performing, with dps you can just look at the meters and fail rate. Yes I am sexist, along with everyone else in the world. But these assumptions are merely based on previous experience when raiding with girls. no offense or anything. If the girl is a main tank. well then, that is different story and I will mostly likely be intimidated and scared of her. and she’s prolly good.”

(No offense here but I’m going to shit all over you soley based on your gender. I’ve had a couple bad run ins with girls so they clearly must all be bad. Holy shit. I couldn’t tell you how many BAD PLAYERS I have encountered that were MALE. Gender plays no role ere, skill does. As a girl I am equally capable of performing at “your esteemed level” or better. It’s a matter of skill, not what’s between my legs. Having a dick does not make you a superior gamer.)

lolkaysea-“When I hear a girl in a pug I usually think it’s okay for me to talk too, cause I’m also a girl. If no other girl speaks up on vent, I certainly won’t be the first! I feel like if there’s more than on girl, then the sexist attitudes won’t be as strong. It’s just really shitty as a tank,cause the ‘blame the healers’ mentality goes away the moment people find out I’m a girl, then suddenly all the problems are tanks fault, cause a girl shouldn’t be tanking, she should be healing!”

These are only a few of dozens of quotes I saved. I’ll post more later.

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You summed it up quite well with one sentence, Avahra -- Having a dick does not make you a superior gamer.

Dunno what pugs are or if they're related only to WoW, but fuck sexist WoW players.

I don't know if you follow trends in Twitter, but thankfully it looks like we're going to have a revolution when it comes to females in gaming. Check out #1reasonwhy. It is clear as fucking day that females are sick of being labeled second rate when it comes to gaming. I follow a bunch of female game devs, and they've been the most vocal about this. Especially Brenda Romero, although she has been mostly tweeting about sexism at E3. Brenda is so kick ass. I dare any man to talk some shit to her. lol

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Pug is pick up group. It basically means you get a random group of players together to do some content that requires a group.

That was only a few of the quotes I saw. I have tons more. It was shameful

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Here's some more.

lovestar-“Competition for mates. Must find discreet way to kill without being blamed.” (I’m not sure if you’re killing your mates or us, but either way..you’re retarded.)

This next quote is kind of long, but it’s worth it.

Chiori-“I made an account just to reply to this. Usually I just scan through once in a while, but this, I had to reply to. OP (original poster), regardless of your gender I find it fucked up that you find ‘every female voice annoying.’ (cut out some uninteresting stuff here) Though you say you aren’t an attention whore and don’t speak in vent, you just sound like a really jealous person who wants to hide the fact that half the population of wow is practically female. So you can keep thinking you’re the princess. Why would you even write this thread when you, yourself a female? You are setting up for more prejudice and criticism that is unjustly served. It sucks you had so many shitty pugs it seems,but to say you are instantly annoyed when hearing a female voice on vent is just scummy of you and rude. But hey, I wish you better experiences in the future. I also recommend as a forewarning (not saying you are) not coming off as a bitch that you slightly are portraying . You might get along better with the rest of the female population during your pugs. You are a woman, other women are not your enemy.’

Jason1975- “I tried really hard not to post in this thread, but I just can’t stop myself. The amount of sexiam and woman hating here should set off alarm bells for the OP and others. There’s a reason that many of you don’t play the game with women, but it isn’t them..it’s you.

I could explain it to you (and you know who you are!), but I think you’ll only get it if you actually take the time to examine your own attitudes on the subject and why you feel the need to objectify and paint all women with the same brush.

Think on that for a while and let me know how that comes out.”

(This guy is my hero.)

-Terahertz-“So far I’ve raided in two different guilds (not much,but still raided a bit to experience this stuff). When I think of female (wow) players I immediatle think they’re bad unless they prove themself. In my first guild the only female was an older woman, she generally did well and was a great leader. But I always thought she was a bit of a bad player due to not keybinding most of her spells.

The reason I think female players are bad until they prove different is because some female players don’t keybind their stuff. and everytime I hear somebody doesn’t keybind I automatically mark them as a bad player which makes me mark most female player as bad player.

BUT,now in my new guild, there’s also a female player and she does great. Haven’t had any issues with her while raiding.


Becaus I generally think female players don’t keybind their abilities I automatically think they’re bad.”

Ok hold on here. First off, two guild is not a lot of experience at all. Come back to me when you are in a heroic raiding guild pushing for server firsts and US top 100. When you are in a serious hardcore guild with female raiders, then we’ll talk. Secondly, we don’t keybind our shit? WTF? WTF? What kind of shit ass piss excuse is that to hate somebody? I know a player who is 1) Top horde guild on his realm 2) That horde guild is in the top 50 of the US 3) a multi gladiator. And you know what? He clicks everything.What you’re trying to say here is every guy who ever steps into the game has the most beautiful UI with EVERYTHING literally keybound? I don’t fucking think so buddy. I’ve seen plenty of casual “show me your UI” posts to know better. I also noticed he didn’t care to show HIS amazing keybinding skills. To say “no girls keybind” is the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard. I for one (and plenty others) keybind the fuck out of my shit.

Woodgela-“I get pissed off tbh. Statistically speaking and from experience females are the absolute worst thing on wow by far. I don’t care what anyone says or thinks they CANNOT play the game in any other role other than a healer and even that is usually mediocre at best. If they are talkative they cause ridiculous drama and loss of concentration and, in the old days, sometimes even unfair distribution of loot. They 100% do not belong in a PvP scenario in any way shape or form. They are a free kill every single time and you all know this is the truth.”

Wow. The worst thing ever huh? We only know how to play healers? Any ladies out there that rock the dps or tank shit have a word about this? I know I don’t “Play a healer” on all my characters and fuck, if I can tank, I’m tanking. And what’s this nonsense about us being a free HK? You kidding me? I’ve only played arena half seriously with a couple other ladies and we were good enough to rank and get titles. Granted we weren’t gladiators by any means, but we were doing it for fun.

I’m willing to bet there are quite a few lady gladiators out there, but I’m sure you’d just say her boyfriend played for her. Get over yourself, it sounds like some girl you know outperforms you and you’re just a tiny little butthurt.

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So leveling an alt even after the rep patch sucks. I would not recommend starting from scratch any time soon. really wish i just transfered a toon over instead of lvling another, to much to catch up, and still get prepared for raiding but im already replacing some one and my gear isnt even half as good as theirs. once i get some good looking gear ill have to xmog it and post some pictures... or just wait till i have the spare money to race change to a night elf

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this is true, but its way easier to make fun of twilight lol. to be fair ive played a worgen, their starting story was actually kinda cool. but i just dont like how the models look

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so i havent raided since christmas weekend, and i gotta say its kinda nice actually. its weird to say but i havent had much care to log in for anything, and when i do log in i just go farm old rare mounts that i still dont have. i need to make this game fun for me again

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