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We have a Rust server

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No problem. It's apparently a good idea to let batch know the path to the file you are looking for if you want to store information. 


Probably shouldn't have used batch for that anyway, but I felt like it. Have to change it over to the auto it script at some point. Seems like it's gonna work now though.  

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I upgraded the melee arena. Both sides (player #1 & player #2) have two sets of boxes. One to stow all their regular gear so they won't lose it, and another they have to scramble up a ladder to, that has basic armor and basic weapons. Wood armor, with low grade weapons.

Both players and a ref start in the middle next to the campfire. When all three are there, it is lit. Ref will ask if both players are ready, and when they both state they are ... the ref randomly snuffs out the fire starting the melee match.


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