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Heart Punching Lines from Poetry

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These are quotes, not the entire poem


“You could tie my tongue
My lips, my teeth
Split them into surrender
Into a foreign language
And I would still manage
To cough up your name.”

- Danielle Shorr, “Let”


“They don’t know I only speak in runaway train stations
and everybody is always a few minutes too late to the platform.
No one has ever gotten the chance to get too close
because it is never romantic to fuck the girl who makes love to her own sadness every single night.”

- Katelin Wagner, “Disappearing Acts (after Miles Hodges)”



Our love is hitchhiking across the California desert
and no one is slowing down. Is a lie still a lie
if you say it pretty? You’re saying you don’t know
what you want and I’m picking pieces of glass
from your throat. Something is burning but I can’t
tell what it is. I’ve had a nightmare every night
since I was a kid and it always ends the same.
I can’t breathe and I can’t move and I am stuck
in this place without air in my lungs. This is all to say
I think I knew you before I knew my own name.

- Fortesa Latifi, “1-10″


“You are a horse running alone
and he tries to tame you
compares you to an impossible highway
to a burning house
says you are blinding him
that he could never leave you
forget you
want anything but you
you dizzy him, you are unbearable
every woman before or after you
is doused in your name.”

- Warsan Shire, “For Women Who Are Difficult to Love”


“I realized that the act of falling in love is not so much a falling as a desperate, terrifying leap off the highest building around, the kind of jump that ends in not just a single casualty, but two.”

- Meggie Royer, “Not So Much Falling In Love As Leaping Into It”


“and I pick
up her lovely
all her loveliness gone,
and I speak to all the gods,
Jewish gods, Christ-gods,
chips of blinking things,
idols, pills, bread,
fathoms, risks,
knowledgeable surrender,
rats in the gravy of two gone quite mad
without a chance,
hummingbird knowledge, hummingbird chance,
I lean upon this,
I lean on all of this
and I know
her dress upon my arm
they will not
give her back to me.”

- Charles Bukowski, “For Jane: With All the Love I Had, Which Was Not Enough”'


“He used to love me,
and now
he’s just a stranger
who happens to know
all my secrets.”

- Clementine Von Radics, “It’s Just So Strange”









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Those are pretty good.  I've actually gotten into writing a bit of poetry once in a while myself.  Most of it I've posted to Facebook.  Here's one I made on Valentine's Day that I think will fit into this thread nicely if you don't mind me sharing:

What is this thing they call love?
It's something that I've never known of.
I've never had a real romance,
Perhaps I've simply never taken the chance.
Maybe it's better this way, without the drama.
But a companion, they say, can ease your trauma.
To have someone with whom to share,
My troubles and accomplishments,
Someone who will truly care,
With admonishments and compliments;
That is what I seek, if you can call it that.
Perhaps I am too weak, content in my familiar habitat.
Perhaps someday I'll try,
When someone catches my eye;
Someone of a like mind
(that might be hard to find)
Then I'll wonder why,
You weren't here before:
Someone with whom to laugh and cry,
Someone to adore.

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