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Annual giveaway winners list!

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You are responsible for getting your own prizes out to the winners and making sure that you have their correct name and address.
Format Used
Winner - Prize - Donator
DUBL DUECE - Xbox 360
Chris - PC, PS4, 3DS and Vita
Dat - PC, Xbox 360, PS3, & PS4
irish66 - PS3 and Xbox 360
Kira - 360 and PC - Canada
LGWyant - PS3 and PS4
Mrs. BadExample- PS3, PS4, PC
spawn622 - Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC, Wii U, and iPad
Tuna - Xbox 360, PS4, PC, Wii U, and iPad
txspoon - PC
 spawn622 Mad World - Chris 
Chris Interstellar Marines - Dat
Chris Steam Inventory (pack of games)  - Sky
Chris Alice madness returns - Dat 
Chris Uplink - Dat
Dat The Binding of Isaac (base game and Wrath of Lamb) - txspoon
Dat Shadow Warriors - PK
Dat Bundle Stars - Sky
Dat portal 2 - spoon
Kira Gatling Gears - Dat
Kira The Binding of Isaac - Dat
Kira - The witcher enhance edition director cut - dat
Mrs. BadExample - Dark souls 2 - Kira
Mrs. BadExample - Legend of Grimrock - Dat
Mrs. BadExample Saints Row 4 - PK
Mrs. BadExample - Batman Arkham City - Dat
Mrs. BadExample  - Sky prize pack - Sky
Sky Penguins Arena: Sedna's World - PK
Sky Dues Ex: GOTY Edition - Dat
Sky - The game Siren can't pronounce (Proteus)  - Dat
Sky Super meat boy - PK
Spawn622 - Defcon - Dat
Spawn622 Darwinia & Multiwinia multipack - Dat
Spawn622 - portal - spoon
Spawn622 Saints Row Franchise Pack - Spoon
Spawn622 - Guns of Icarus online - Dat
TunaPoker Night at the Inventory - Dat
Tuna - Pack1 (game bundle) - Sky
Tuna Humble Bundle Keys bundle - Sky
Tuna castle crashers - Dat
txspoon - Gun Monkeys - Dat
txspoon Super Meat Boy - PK
txspoon - XCOM Enemy Unknown - Dat
txspoon - Dark souls Prepare to die - Kira
txspoon - indie galla pack - Sky
Irish66 - 20$ PSN code - Dat
Mrs. BadExample 20$ PSN code - Dat
Spawn622 20$ PSN code - Dat
Dubl Duece - Chris's Grab Bag (2 out of 3) - Chris
irish66 - Chris's Grab Bag (1 out of 3) - Chris
Tuna Chris's Grab Bag (3 out of 3) - Chris (you should know this by now)
Kira - 25$ visa giftcard - Kev
LGWyant - 3 month gamefly subscription gift certificate - irish66
Mrs. BadExample - 25$ gamestop giftcard - DublDeuce
Anything of your choosing for 40$ or less (THINKGEEK.COM)
Chris (PM SIREN) - Gamercide
Final Prize

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So sorry I missed it. I wasn't told my sister was in town for the day. Jammed down to meet with her and my mom. Looks like it went well, though.


Huge THANK YOU to Siren. You knocked it out of the park! This is so very much appreciated.


Kira. Awesome list as always. Thank you, man.


I love you Gamercide family.

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[font_S95]Thanks to Siren for running the Giveaway again this year. It's a huge effort and you did a great job as always.

For the winners, I'll PM you the keys, except for Chris, you'll get a trade over Steam. :)

Dat - You can go ahead and send them my way. I'll hold another contest here to pass them on ;)[/font_S95]

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Congrats to everyone! :-) :-)

MrsBE, have you played Legend Of Grimrock? Super awesome game. Would be a good one to play on stream.

Thanks everyone, and a huge thank you to Siren.

I'll be in touch with the winners of my grab bag prizes either later today or Monday.
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HAHA. I'll have to make installments.



Yeah, get on that, lol :P


Thanks for doing the list Kira :)  You did a great job!!!!!


I had a lot of fun and next year @Dat please provide me with the name of a game that I can pronounce :P  PRO-TEA-US  lol.

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