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Finally got a gaming mouse and keyboard.


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So recently my mouse has been having some issues (mostly with left click holds and the middle mouse click), so I finally decided to get a new one.  And I figured why not go all out if I'm going to get a new keyboard and mouse.  I've never had a real gaming set before (I've been using a nice Logitech wireless combo for the past few years).


The rest is copy/pasted from Facebook because I don't want to retype it all lol.


The mouse is a Razer Naga wired/wireless rechargeable mouse with a 12 button thumb grid, which I've already mapped to do all kinds of things like copy, paste, back, forward, refresh, and whatnot. They can be remapped to whatever you want but are especially useful in games with a lot of actions, like MMOs. The LED color can cycle or be set.


The keyboard is a Razer Blackwidow Stealth Edition. It is a mechanical keyboard (faster activating buttons for games) but the Stealth Edition has quieter, less clicky keys compared to a normal mechanical. It also has a USB, audio out, and mic in port on the side, and extra mappable buttons. There was a backlit version (Ultimate) but it only came in green (I'd rather have blue), and the Chroma version (changeable LEDs) was too expensive.


I'm definitely satisfied with them so far.







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Nice setup Kev. I use the same keyboard, ultimate edition. I love it! Especially the Stealth switches for streaming. They're still a bit loud when spamming keys but not bad. It's a pet peeve of mine to watch a stream where the keyboard is super loud so I took that into consideration for my viewers when selecting this board. 

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I'm not a huge fan of the many button mice, but that's because it always messes me up pressing buttons on the mouse when I'm playing games.  I did almost buy that same exact keyboard. Ended up with a cmstorm, but the stealth is a great keyboard.  Nice gear Kevin.

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