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Jurassic world.

Kira Onime

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So I'm back from the film and it's almost 2am....


This film was great, not JP1 level of awesomeness, but still a solid second best.


Now I'll keep this regular post clear of any spoiler while the spoiler tag will contain cookies.


Now before going into this movie, I highly recommend watching the original Jurassic Park as JW is a direct sequel but 20 years later. JP2 & 3 are pretty much down the shitter.

Why watch Jp1? Well in the first 30 or 45mins of the movie, they make a good amount of references towards JP1 either by dialog or stuff going on in the back scene.



The story itself is pretty straight forward and you can probably guess it from the trailers. JW neds a new dinosaur to keep attendances up and they create the Indominus Rex after doing some surveys. 

Shit happens, iRex gets loose and people get eaten.


The raptor thing with Starlord I say is a pretty solid plot. It makes sense and I don't have a hard time believing it.

The Indomius Rex itself tho is a vicious and bloody monster. Doesn't take long for it's kill count to start. I won't go into much detail here.


What I will say tho is the plot surrounding the 2 kids you see, a little too much focus on them IMO. I'd much of rather seen Starlord and the girl more than the kids. Their plot was okay and you can see they where aiming for a similar type of story as the kids in JP1. Which brings up an other point.

There are clear references and nods to JP1 in the way things happens. Having seen JP1 before this, hopefully, you'll be able to recall scenes from it while watching JW.


As for the movie in general, I'd say it's more of a thriller with a dinosaur theme than a sci-fi movie.


One of my problems with the movie tho is the high reliance on CGI. Yes there are "some" animatronics but they are far and few between. Way too much CGI. JP1, even tho it's 22 years old, is still years ahead in terms of realism for using little-to-no CGI.


I know I'm all over the place, it's 2am, but I definitively give this movie a thumbs up and would watch again.

A good movie, not free from some flaws but IMO, the good outweight the bad.


Now for spoilers. You have been warned. 


Let's start with the main "vilain", the Indominus Rex.

As said above, this things is nasty and vicious as hell. It kills everything that moves just for the sake of killing it. This thing is also highly intelligent, way above what the scientists thought it would be. It doesn't take long after it's introduction to start wrecking shit up by faking it's "escape".

This thing is a hybrid, contains multiple things. T-rex, raptor, cuttlefish and tree frog and other. It can detect body heat, can camouflage and is the size of a t-rex. Oh and it can also communicate with the raptors, something it does towards the end of the movie.


What I didn't like about the I-rex is a similar complaint in JP3 with the spinosaurus. The damn thing seems to have a fixation on the main characters to the point that it feels to me it was after them all along.


As before, the story itself is decent but i really liked when they went back to the ruined visitors center from JP1. Remember that banner that fell in front the the t-rex in the ending shot? Well it's still there and the 2 kids use it as a torch. Made me chuckle. The same kids also manage to get one of the old jeeps running, the red and silver ones, and use it to get out.


Sadly that's pretty much one of the last things to reference JP1.... but there is 1 more thing.


Guess who's back?




That's right, she's back. You get a quick glance at her in the beginning when the kids are exploring the park but all you see is the top of the head. You know it's her since you see the big "t-rex area" when the kids go in but her big reveal shot is saved for the end...... and boy is it worth it.


To get rid of the indominus rex, the humans decided to use the "trained" raptors to hunt it down but it didn't work that well. The I-Rex easily has the upper jaw on the small raptors when one of the kids comes out and says "you need more teeth". 

Listening to myself, I knew it was coming. It was plastered all over the movie that you'd have a T-rex vs I-Rex fight.

Now, what I also liked was how they managed to get it to fight the i-rex.

Remember that scene in the trailer where the girl is holding a flare in her hand? Remember how Jeff Goldblum got the t-rex to follow him? Yeah. They lure it out with a flare.


What I didn't expect in this last fight was that one of the raptors was still alive and helped in the fight against the I-rex. It was a good fight, easily compensates for the shit we got in JP3. What I expected even less during that fight? The winner. 

It's not the raptor.

It's not the t-rex.

It's certainly not the humans or starlord.

It's the fucking mosasaurus.


It gets hinted at early on that the mosasaurus would sometimes hunt turtles on the shores and what happens during the final fight? I-rex gets a little bit too close to the mosasaurus pool and that mother fucking fish jumps out and rekts the shit out of the i-Rex. #NeverForget.










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The thing with this one is this...If you're name isn't Chris Pratt, your character doesn't matter here. This is all about the dinosaurs. No amount of shits did I give for anyone else. The dinos are all that matter and they deliver if freaking spades. It could never have topped JP1, but I'll be damned if it doesn't do the franchise justice. I got goosebumps during the ending sequence just like I did in 1993. Great follow up to the first for sure.

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