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  1. Surgery?!? Hope everything's okay. Nice idea for a major. Just make sure that whatever you pick provides job opportunities. Can't believe how many college graduates I know couldn't even use the degrees they obtained. :P

  2. Well, I'm glad you're still alive. =D

    Just wondering what you were up to since it's been so long. I just got a kind of minor surgery and am going in for my Sophomore year of college in August (hopefully, if everything gets cleared up). No idea for a major yet but am thinking Environmental Science with a premed track. It's been a tough while for me too. Hope you make ...

  3. Thanks for caring. Lotsa love. :)

  4. I'm still alive. Just life got crazy for awhile and still kind of is. Gaming has even taken a backseat in my life right now. Besides, I felt like some people on the site needed a break from me for awhile and I didn't need the aggravation of dealing with people who aren't too fond of me when I had so much else going on. I'm sorry to everyone that missed me though. I'll try to...

  5. Are you alive still? How have you been?

  6. Sorry. I've just been working lots to get extra money and wedding planning to spend said money. I'll try to stop in a bit more, but I'm going a tad bit insane right now. :P hee hee

  7. Where has thou gone

  8. "How to store your baby walker: First, remove baby." - Anonymous Manufacturer

  9. Oops. Never noticed this before.

    Stealthy, it's a quote from Galaxy Quest. Couldn't think of anything. :P

  10. Yeah our CPR classes are gonna make us rich

  11. Meow.

    I wonder if Kitty ever checks her comment section...

  12. You and I successfully hijacked a thread into talking about *****.




  13. You're comment section is awfully quiet.

    Need to rile it up in here

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