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  1. So excited for Black Ops 2!

  2. Got all the achievements on Skyrim and still playing :)

  3. I swear I didn't die! I've been busy writing and I'm proud to announce that my novel is nearing the home stretch :)

  4. Most of this wouldn't have happened if somebody hadn't stolen my f*cking Surfin' Bird record!

  5. Jamming to Love Is Gone and writing some more on my latest short story "Van"

  6. Addicted to this whole album at the moment
  7. My 42" 1080p goddess is sick. I'm taking her to the doctor Friday for a check up

  8. Sick day 4: feel like I slept on a rock last night. Blowing my nose all day again. Not hungry for even pickle chips. Miraculously my CoD skills have remained cold-free.

  9. Thank you for the welcome :)

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