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  • Birthday 01/15/1985

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    Hard rock & metal, hockey, Kevin Smith flicks, Family Guy, tattoos, RPG's & shooters, MST3K, B movies and my two little girls

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About Me

Loves: video games, hard rock, lilacs, rain, and Chinese

Hates: red lights, mushrooms, wearing shoes, snow and rude people

More about me? Hm... I l enjoy the following as often as possible; quoting movies, sipping Arnold Palmer barefoot, losing myself in guitar riffs, devouring books in a single sitting (what a lush, I know), pecking out poetic verses and embarrassingly girlish dreams, letting my brush fill my canvas, meeting chill people who make me giggle nervously, making enough delicious baked goods to keep all the elves in the North Pole fed for a year, the publicity of Twitter conversations, occasionally embracing a tree for stability, the after taste of rum and a well timed grenade throw.

Don't hesitate to rub elbows with me, I'm a people person :)

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