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  1. has just beaten Red Dead Redemption single player campaign =D

  2. ok you go have fun with that

  3. Ok then...I'm going to bed though, goodnight.

  4. what you dont want to make lemonade?!?!?!? your the werid one not me!!!

  5. Uhm, woah...wtf? That was really...weird.

  6. not really, lets just move on to the Squezzing ;0

  7. I actually prefer fries, wanna share sometime!?

  8. ok sweetheart dont get too excited over cookies

  9. I will look at your profile all I want!! And give me my cookies back!

  10. you look at my profile one more time and i swear to sweet holy satan their will be problems and lots of cookies 8()

  11. I too have a level 99 blue knight, perhaps blue is the color of champions?
  12. Ssssh they're hiding

  13. Yah lol its got a 6 inch airlift. Custom flames 250cc engine. My grandma gave it to us before she passed. Had a lot of good memories with it. Me and my buddy have done so many things with it, we actually ran over a kid lmao.

  14. That's a dope whip you got there in your profile pic.

  15. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=tJa5_2wqN_I Uh oh, there goes the trifecta. CuDi, beastie boys and gorillaz.
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