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  1. Thanks for those games last night, it was nice after a sucktacular week at work. Yeah the assassin I only used until I got that achievement for 10 grapples, for I'll go back to the other classes
  2. Thank you, I was wondering why I was getting beat down so often in game
  3. Silly question time; with the assassins I keep getting my arse handed to me when they do their grab move. When I do the same as an assassin I knockoff a litte of their health and then get butchered so...wtf?
  4. Its actually a lot of fun. I can see the TF2 influence My only gripes are the slow match making for Blitz, dropping when trying to connect and what appears to be freezing when trying to get back to the menu.
  5. I'll give you a shout if I'm still about. 6am comes awful early sadly
  6. Downloading it now. Still playing Kingdom of Keflings too :-P I never figured I could get hooked on that game :-D
  7. You just had a baby so that's plenty of reason to be absent :-P

  8. I just got back to posting myself!

  9. Hiya Siren :-) Long time no see. Sorry, I've been a bit tardy around the forums lately

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