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  1. If I need help, I'll contact you. I appreciate your offer. Much thanks, Dateranoth.
  2. 7dtdServerUtility - A Utility To Keep Your 7 days To Die Dedicated Server updated (and schedule server restarts, download and install new server files, and more!) - Latest version: 7dtdServerUtility_v2.2.1 (2019-03-13) (v2.2.0 Added taskbar options: send telnet commands with 1 click, autoupdate utility, No longer restarts server when steamcmd update check fails, lots of other minor improvements.) New Beta Version! 7dtdServerUpdateUtility v2.3.0(beta1) (2019-03-22) *New BETA Features* - Window showing online users and current date/time, online user log - New Tray menu options: Upd
  3. I haven't written any programs since my Commodore 64 days, but I am going to work on updating your 7dServerUtility to include the latest features of your ConanServerUtility. I am also going to add a parameter to enable it to work with the latest experimental 7DTD version. THANK YOU very much for posting your AutoIT Source codes for the Server Utility programs!
  4. Any new updates in the works for this utility? I absolutely love your Conan Server Utility and I would love to have the same for the 7 Days To Die. I wish for the same features: automatically check for and install updates (stable and experimental) and notify Discord or in-game users of server restarts. Thanks! I would also be willing to donate if it would motivate -Phoenix125.com
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