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  1. RT @Darshelle_: So @filthycasualco makes for perfect pokehunting gear. 💙 Now I just gotta find my pants. #PokemonGO #TeamMystic https://t.c…

  2. RT @caseyjohnston: But how do you learn to lift??? https://t.co/Px4QgGFUqx If you are like, why lift, refer to https://t.co/yxVIzeic6K

  3. RT @awonderdj: I'm sorry for what I said when you were wrong 🙃 https://t.co/bKgBdokzFk

  4. RT @ptxftlinic: B I T C H. I got 3 👏🏼 https://t.co/8KACZdoSxB

  5. RT @priscellie: 1 of 5 stars to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling https://t.co/w80svI8k0Z

  6. RT @nickwiger: Me at 15: I'm gonna win the Nobel prize for literature! Me at 25: It'd be cool to make a living writing Me at 35: I hope I d…

  7. RT @LunaLanieee: The magic is in the hole 🍩

  8. RT @CatchEmAlI: the real MVPs https://t.co/sIDfgEtUmX

  9. RT @undeux: Bless whoever set the lure at the Pokéstop that I can reach from my bathtub https://t.co/IHhNM8nL8k

  10. RT @ashelia: The It remake should feature Pokemon Go. https://t.co/VusVUeE1rF

  11. RT @MarcStraight: I should feel bad for this and yet https://t.co/HyNdziyalo

  12. @awonderdj Switzerland is typically universally neutral so does it even count...I'd vote no.

  13. In was curious how long this would take to come up. My years in a call center I guess, it was my first thought. https://t.co/UsFbe9YtKE

  14. @girlparts eat hot dogs at The O and drink. Probably different from when I lived there tho.

  15. RT @GoPokemonNews: Next time somebody tries to talk down to you for playing a "stupid game", enlighten them. #PokemonGo https://t.co/BLGz5u…

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