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  1. RT @NYTArchives: Superman dominates the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1940. https://t.co/JlrLThZG8J https://t.co/yTAXkG4XhJ

  2. Charles Lindbergh New York to Paris before and after repairs. Found a new microfilm source. Also I'm a nerd! https://t.co/VddpAUJVT1

  3. New York Times Grace Before Meat: This was hung in publisher's dining room circa 1910s. Photo by Tony Cenicola. https://t.co/mLPeDGcmvm

  4. Latest rescan: Teddy Roosevelt obit sketch. Hasn't been this clean since 1919! https://t.co/An3B2Q7PaG

  5. An official radiogram to The Times from Admiral Richard Byrd's 1929 Antarctic Expedition. https://t.co/75UHKtH1mL

  6. Latest page enhancement: Amelia Earhart over Atlantic, 1928. Found original sketch and put it back in. https://t.co/awIKow7Qej

  7. More Destiny dudes downtrodden with destruction. Last montage video for at least a month! https://t.co/rIRjeEkLsA

  8. My dude destroying golden gun montage. https://t.co/gm1foBRkaK

  9. How is Sony showing The Interview on Xbox? Aren't they competitors?

  10. Hey guys I have a question.. I've been playing Halo 1 on MCE and it feels really weird, I have to ask.. is it impossible to AIM? As in, look down the scope? I've played Halo a hundred million times but it's been so long.. maybe I'm just not familiar with it anymore but it feels like you can only aim from the hip. Too much Destiny lately, maybe I just lost my way.
  11. PK life is good! Four year old gamer. He's been getting me achievements lately, doesn't even realize.
  12. I KNOW RIGHT i've spent so many holidays with you all that I'm gone all pavlov coming to gamercide every december.
  13. Hey dudes, that image should probably say 2015. ^_______^ (Not joining contest don't worry! Just a concerned citizen!)
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