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  1. Yup I'm all set now! Not too bothered by direct connect, thanks for the help and support!
  2. Nah, it says server not responding when I try to pull up the list from steam. I have about 3 others and they say the same thing though so I'm inclined to think it's my computer and some issue with configuration or something. I just can't be 100% because those other 3 servers would be from over a year ago so they might just be inactive now too.. Don't worry about it too much if it isn't something you'd know an easy fix to, i'm sure you've got better things to focus on =)
  3. Jesus Dat, was popping in to see if I could fix my server connection issue and found that you've been coding and wizarding all over the place, you are a saint my man, thank you!!! Three cheers for Dat guys, killin it for us with a smile on his face =)
  4. Late night post just to say how special my weekend was and how much I appreciate all of the wonderful people I... https://t.co/tkXbCmMmwq

  5. @SexyDragonLady1 @Tuna05Lp Thank you so much, all this love is definitely making the work day easier~ let's keep Tuna in every Tweet today!!

  6. RT @RubberNinja: Having one of those nights where I can't sleep at all. Ever just stay up without sleep just to get a normal schedule back?

  7. RT @UberFacts: A group of Chinese singles bought every odd-numbered seat at a movie theater on Valentine's Day so couples wouldn't sit toge…

  8. RT @GreyTheTick: YOure a mean spirited biting asshole. http://t.co/3wkZc47Rfj

  9. Kevin Durant to his mom, "You're the real MVP." I can already see This Mother's Day card.#Hallmark #MothersDayCards

  10. Don't you EVER question why I have Bill Cosby quotes bookmarked.If you don't understand, you never will.#ZipZopZoobityBop#HeNeverSaidThat

  11. RT @Popehat: @adamsteinbaugh "I want a hand lotion without a telltale odor so mom doesn't look all sad when she comes into the basement to …

  12. RT @UberFacts: The ancient Japanese would wipe their anuses with a kusobera - A wooden stick who's name literally meant "shit spatula."

  13. Try to be like the dude, at ease in your own shell.#ReplaceFamousQuoteWithDude

  14. RT @missbadexample: Hey guys - I'm getting my nerd on tonight at 6pm PST with Lovecraft eZine, and RPing Call of Cthulhu! I'm stoked.http…

  15. RT @AblativMeatshld: Data that they had paid @juliemaybok of @bytesofknow to store. Good job, @juliemaybok of @bytesofknow. Well played.

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