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  1. Lords of the Rhymes: Black Riders http://www.lordsoftherhymes.com/ My Tolkien geek is tingling.
  2. I caught a bit of mash-up fever.... and..
  3. Croissants came out great. This weekend: Pretzels. ****** I want to open my own bakery.

  4. Today is Friday. I haz a sad. However, tomrrow, I shall make croissants from scratch!!! *hipthrust*

  5. ....my space bucks are already spent. In fact, there is space already allocated on my HD in advance for this. Yes I would shamelessly whore myself out to be able to beta the sequel. I love the art, the music, hell I love everything about this game.
  6. I cannot agree with you more. The only thing IMHO that could make this game better would be the ability to play this multi-player.
  7. I retract my earlier hypothesis about a gun toting Alchemist. 1 handed wands. OMFG. Dual wielding elementalist for the frakking win. Each level up. 1 Str. 1 Dex. 2 Mag. 1 Def. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
  8. First Impressions: Warrior Class: Meat and potatos hack and slash tank plus an ability to dole out AoE damage? Yeowch. In a good way. Rogue Class: I didn't realize I was leveling so fast until my cough syrup was wearing off. In fact I thought I was hallucinating. Why? Because she is INSANELY POWERFUL. At least I found her to be. I didn't mess with any of the fancy-schmancy attacks. I concentrated in Ranged Weapon focus, Dual Wielding and Armor Expertise That's it. Just mash your attack button and have a weapon (or two) that leeches life and mana and before you can say "What did you do Ray?"
  9. Being severely sick and having nothing better to do; I've secured my copy.
  10. Karen turned me on to this group over a year ago... we've seen them at the House of Blues in LA and it was a damned spiritual experience for me. However, for the past few days I've been listening to one of the more "up-beat" songs of theirs. So...without further ado.. Blue October: Jump Rope http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7eyqCQYBGY I've had this one on repeat on my ipod for the past month as well: Blue October: Overweight Towards the end there's this part that goes: "I wanna learn to walk with others as an equal, I wanna treat the ones who love me with respect. I wanna tell the world Ill
  11. It'd be nice if it were Friday... -NOW-

  12. God grant me the Serenity. Yeah.... I could -really- use a fuckin' spaceship right now.

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