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Concept Art and Details Released For the Back to the Future Game


Telltale Games has dropped a few details about the Back to the Future game that was announced in June.  Very little is known about the game currently but below are a few tidbits from the press release and other sources:

  • The game will include the likenesses of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as the characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown (Seen in the concept art above).
  • Christopher Lloyd will also provide his voice for the games.
  • Other characters from the series will make appearances, although who knows if the actors will provide their likenesses or voices.
  • Back to the Future series screenwriter Bob Gale is working on the story.
  • 5 Episodes are planned.
  • It will be set in the fictional California setting of Hill Valley, and will explore 1985 and additional time periods.

Hopefully we'll hear more from Telltale soon on a tentative release and more details.  For those that are wondering who Telltale is, they are responsible for the stellar versions of the latest Monkey Island and Sam and Max revival.  Be sure to check out the entire press release after the break and stay tuned for more information as it comes in.

At 88 miles per hour,
Back to the Future
took millions of spellbound viewers on a high-flying voyage across the space-time continuum in a trio of wildly inventive tales that broke box-office records around the world.  To celebrate the 25
anniversary of the Academy Award®-winning cinematic franchise that generated nearly $1 billion worldwide, Telltale Games will release a new game series this winter as part of the milestone soon after the Blu-ray debut and DVD release of the
Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy
on October 26, featuring all-new restorations of the classic films.Telltale today announced that the highly anticipated
Back to the Future
games will feature the likenesses of the original stars that made the characters of Marty McFly and Doc Brown legendary: Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.  Lloyd is voicing Doc Brown for the full game series, which Telltale will deliver in five monthly episodes. The first images showing the game depictions of Marty and Doc are now available at:
.  The game series is developed through a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing.

“Creating cinematic adventures true to the source is a top mission for Telltale,” says Telltale CEO Dan Connors.  “Securing Marty and Doc for the games, and presenting the experience that fans know and love, has been top on our list since we initiated development.”

Co-creator and writer Bob Gale’s involvement further strengthens the links to the original series.  Gale is consulting with Telltale on the characterizations and storyline for the game, ensuring it will be true to the spirit and adventure of the films.

Gale elaborates:  “Twenty-five years ago when I wrote Doc Brown’s line about ‘seeing the future,’ little did I realize that I would be traveling with him to work on this game.  Collaborating with Telltale is an amazing opportunity to continue the adventures of Doc and Marty.”

Telltale is also pleased to announce that the games will feature the DeLorean Time Machine, and to celebrate the historic vehicle’s return, it will make a guest appearance at the 2010 Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle Washington September 3 through 5.  Fans attending this increasingly popular gaming and culture event can re-create the iconic pose from the movie posters and capture their photos with this authentic replica of the famous vehicle in the Convention Center’s South Hall.

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