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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets New DLC Today



New downloadable content has been made available for gamers who's RPG of choice happens to be Square Enix's followup to Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

For 640 MS points, gamers can get their hands on the Fight In Style pack which includes new coliseum opponet Omega and two outfits for both Serah and Noel. For 80 MS points each you can purchase four new weapons for Serah and Noel. For Noel, you will find Catastrophe Blade which increases the ATB gauge recharge rate and the Muramasa which helps to increase your chain bonuses. Serah gets a Seraphic Wing that increases your HP as you damage an enemy and then there is the Genji Bow which like Noel's Catastrophe Blade will increase the rate that your ATB gauge recharges.

This new content also joins the recently released Sazh add on Head or Tails which you can also nab while you are checking out the new items for 400 MS points.

via Electronic Theater


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