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Member Spotlight - irish66

  • What’s the story behind your gamertag

    there is no great story...lol...everything i tried got its taken....so i went with my name and last 3 of my SS#

What game are you currently playing?

Darksider 2.....another game i picked up because i just had to get a game and im loving it.

What game are you looking forward to that has yet to release?

it was AC3 but that comes out tonight. theres really nothing on the gota have it list yet.

If you could be anything in the world what would it be and why.

if i could be anything....hmm...a horse farm owner just because it would make my wife and daughter happy as hell

What is your biggest gaming pet peeve when playing with others?

i dont play online...to many times have i gone online only to have some start swearing at me or flipping because im not a superstar. Needless to say after a few time you just say the hell with it.

When you aren’t gaming, what are you doing?

i play semi-pro football. right now im getting ready to play in FL jan19 for a national title

You just got done watching the Marble Hornets series on Youtube about the Slender Man. You are feeling a little paranoid and peek out your window. Upon peeking through the curtains that cover your window, you see him; The Slender Man standing there in his freakishly tall glory just staring your way. What do you do?

the tough choice would be what rifle to nail him with...where i live the men are men and the sheep run scared

You are walking home one night after your car broke down. You take a short cut through a cemetary. You are about half way through the cemetary when you hear a thump behind you. You turn around and see Edward from Twilight staring at you. He says, "I'm going to Sparkles on you". What do you do?

i have no idea what that means...lol...but at 325 god did not bless me with speed so i guess im takin one for the team

In 5 words or less, describe your gamer self

really miss fewer buttons

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