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About Gamercide

Years ago, a handful of gamers from the xbox.com forums, decided they wanted a place of their own, to discuss whatever they liked without posting off topic to the Xbox forums. Years later, they wanted to dip their hand into the gaming news world and created Gamercide. This is where you are, now.

Okay, okay. There is more to this story, but it’d bore you to tears. Honestly. What you want to know, is, who are the people here? What are they like? Will I make a good fit? I will do my best to answer those questions for you. Know this, though. If this didn’t answer what you were looking for, either PM me or any of the staff, or reply to this thread. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Who are the people of Gamercide?

We are very close friends, who’ve known each other for quite awhile. In our own words, we’re as close to an internet family one can have. That’s just the honest truth. We do care about each other. We’re also very open to meeting new friends and hopefully getting to know them better. If you look around the forums a bit, you’ll see that we play an awful lot. Videogames and just plain horsing around. It’s all in good fun. We joke around just like real life friends do. If I were to give a pointer to newcomers just joining up, I’d say jump in. Jump in fully and get to know us. You can also learn a lot from lurking, so if that’s your style, no worries there, either. Have fun whichever way makes you feel more comfortable. We’ll still be here if you decide to jump in later.

What are the people here like?

We run the gamut of personalities here. We all genuinely care for each other, though. That’s the main difference. We’re a very generous community. I won’t go into details, but if you stick around long enough, you’ll witness it for yourself. We’re mostly gamers, but not all of us. I’d say that most play on the 360, but we also have many members who game on the PC, PS3, Wii and handhelds. We have artists, sports enthusiasts, audiophiles, videophiles, bookworms, movie hounds and much more. There are people of all walks of life here. All with one thing in mind. Community. It’s what we find very important. Our own community, used to be a private one. We’ve realized, though, that private communities stagnate. We wish to expand our community, and welcome more people into it. We think it’s a special and unique community, and wish to invite more into it.

Will I make a good fit?

If you’re into meeting new people and like a community, yes. You don’t have to be a gamer to become a member at Gamercide. You only need to sign in and follow the few rules we have. If you’re a troublemaker, you may not be a good fit. One never knows, though. Several longtime members of Gamercide, were once troublemakers. They embraced the community spirit we have and enjoy it. We know that people want to be noticed, and sometimes will act up in order to be noticed. You won’t need to, here.

That takes care of the people of Gamercide. What about the site itself? What’s it all about?

It’s our version of gaming news. That’s it. Honest. We don’t care for the bigger gaming news sites, and wanted to do our own. We’re not looking for page hits or advertisers. We don’t want to earn an income, off of what we love. Gaming is a hobby very dear to us. So we write our own reviews, articles and interviews. We may not get the big exclusives or the bigger swag, but what we write is ours. We’re not pandering to developers or publishers. We have integrity at Gamercide. We won’t bend over for anyone. We’ll review a game, and if it’s crap, than we write that it’s crap. Typically, the games we review, are our own. Even if they are review copies, we’ll still write up an honest review. If that means we have to buy or rent that games sequel, instead of receiving a review copy, so be it. Integrity is more important than a free game.

If any of this is something that interests you, we welcome you to our community.

This information brought to you by, Community and Integrity.

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    • Again, I do still exist.
      Kev! Had fun playing D3 with you last night and talking in TS. You got it correct saying XP. Your first relationships are basically trials, and they rarely ever last. Just chalk those first relationships up to experience. They make you a better boyfriend down the road, and teach you what to avoid. You're still young. Trial the shit out of everything you can. =]
    • Gamercide 2016
      Fridge bondage. Yum. 
    • Gamercide 2016
      I basically get myself stuck then cry in front of the refrigerator for hours.
    • Again, I do still exist.
      Good to see you around again Kevin. Glad to hear you are almost finished with school. Got any plans for after you finish?   Sorry to hear about your Kung fu studio. Cool that they are still doing classes outside. Hopefully, they will be able to get another building down the road.  Sounds like you've been doing pretty great yourself. Hope the trainer gig works out.    As far as girlfriends go. Not much you want to hear from me I'm sure. I still always think the experience is worth the pain. My first couple of girl friends were short lived, and one that made a lasting impression no longer than a month.  Doesn't change the pain, but emotion is better than no emotion.   Myself, I've been pretty busy. Moved into a new house a while back, and I've spent the first part of the year settling in. Did some work around the forum end recently, and for the most part, we are all up to date.    I have been getting off work at a decent hour the last few weeks so I actually managed to get some game time in. Just finished Heart of Stone Witcher DLC last night. 
    • Again, I do still exist.
      Hey again guys.

      Sorry I've been away for quite a time (over 6 months I think.)  I've been through two semesters of junior college in the meantime and haven't even really been gaming much until now.  I've been taking my semesters slow but after next spring I should be finished.  Let's see, I also went through my first sorta girlfriend and my first actual girlfriend in that period, both lasting about a month and ending in heartbreak so I'm basically back to where I was before, just a little more disappointed and slightly more experienced emotionally.  Other than online folk like you guys I still don't really have IRL friends to actually hang with, so when those relationships were also my best friends, neither of them wanting to talk to me again really sucks.

      The kung fu studio I'm going to is closing (the building itself) but they're transitioning to teaching outside of the building (parks, people's houses, wherever works, still has a website and a company), which also means the kids classes that I helped teach are over.  They are still training me to be an instructor though and in a couple more belt ranks I can be paid for it; I'm already doing some introductory lessons for new people thinking about joining.

      Most everything else is the same, I still watch the same anime and movies, play the same games, and intend to get back to streaming a little bit (and now that I'm barely playing the rate of buying new games on sale vs. actually playing them has gotten out of hand lol).  I now actually have a little free time to do all that, for about a month until I take summer classes, and even then I don't think summer will be too hectic that I can't pop in once in a while.

      So yeah, I'm mostly the same, just a little bit older (and still don't look it lol), gained a tiny bit of XP, and to be honest I guess a little more pessimistic than in the past. I felt a lot more emotions than I ever have before, recently (break up was about a month or so ago), and realized at least you guys are still friends so I shouldn't be a stranger.

      What have you all been up to?