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    • New.... but not
      Twiztid?  Wow, it has been a long time.  Welcome back.
    • New.... but not
      @Twiztid Rose I don't know about your area, but it could be worth it to you if there were a cannabis co-op in your area. Depending on how they run theirs, you'd give them a copy of your license for them to hold, and they would grow your amount your license entitles you to. You could also swap strains with other members. You'd never have to grow or spend money on dispensaries, unless you wanted to. All of them are different, so get all the specifics before joining one. Talk to other members if you can, get a feel for it, etc. I can talk to you more about it in private if you'd like. It's definitely a great option for some.  
    • New.... but not
      Hey Rose! Long time!  I've got a few suggestions to add on the medical. I get panic attacks quite a bit from smoking too so I mainly stick with edibles. I almost always stay away from Sativa based products, for me it's almost always a guaranteed panic attack. Obviously the issue with Indica is it makes you tired and ready for bed, but that's my go to for everything since it doesn't cause panic attacks.   Best balance I've found is a spray called gold mist. Really mellow, discrete and easy to control the dose. It's been pretty helpful with pain as well.  Another suggestion I might have is a topical spray called dit da jow. My wife's cousin makes his own, he recently started adding mj to it to give it an extra kick. I sent him a text to see if it would be something that may help with your pain, I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. I really would suggest giving edibles another shot. Try to find something that doesn't look homemade and has the dosage on the package - 10mg with 25% THC and 75% CBD, is a good combo to start. I travel to up to Washington a lot for work so I hit up the recreational dispensaries every chance I get. Most of the edibles I've had from recreational spots have been pretty mellow since they're restricted to 10mg max per edible, where medical is unregulated and can be extremely powerful. 
    • New.... but not
      Happens a lot, especially with the strain Girl Scout Cookies. Everyone and their mom swears up and down that they got some GSC, but it's more than likely  some person was trying to sell their bottom shelf bammer. It is possible one of the strains you tried was grown indoors, and your brother's was outdoor. Outdoor tends to have a slight alfalfa type smell on top of it's original smell. I pretty much smoke outdoor exclusively, but will pick up a good indoor when I'm down in the Bay Area. If you have access to Green Crack, I'd highly suggest it's Sativa strain as your day time medicine. It won't knock out all of your pain, but you'll be buzzing around doing all you need to do during the day. I think Romulan or even Headband would be a good second sleep time strain if you can't find your Dream Queen. Romulan is really good, but be sure to take it slow in the beginning. One hit at a time until you're comfortable. Wait up to 10 minutes between hits. I start with two, wait and then see if I need another. Also, if you're into the tinctures, buy several of the one you like. Keep one in your bedroom, and another wherever you spend your time most during the day.
    • X-Wing VR Mission Trailer
      Nope, current PS will be able to play all of them.  I posted in another thread a picture of what comes with the PSVR bundle.  You can by just the components I think, but the bundle comes with the PS Camera (which I don't have), two move controllers (again, don't have), and a bunch of games, along with the actual headset and what I'm just going to go ahead and call the "processing box".  The processing box is a like a separate mini console that plugs into your console in order for the PSVR to work.  It's kinda like an off-board GPU thing that you'd plug into a laptop for better performance if that makes sense?  So it's giving the PS4 a huge boost in order to run things as required.  Does that make sense?